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The Easiest Way To Outsell Other Affiliates
If you’re an affiliate marketer, then you’re always looking over your
shoulder to see if the competition – your fellow affiliates – are catching
up to you.  Or, worse than that, you’re looking up ahead trying to catch up
with them!
At times any market can be crowded, so selling the same thing to the
same group of people means you’re lucky to get just a small share of
the market.  Imagine having thirty-five Wal-Mart stores in one small
town, all competing with each other to get the local business.  You
get the idea.
But it doesn’t have to be that way.  The easiest way to outsell other
affiliates is this…
Turn your AFFILIATE offer into a UNIQUE offer!
You see, most affiliates try to sell the product as is. If your
prospects are shopping around, they’re going to skip all the “buy
from me” offers.
Instead, they’re going to focus on those offers that give them an
incentive to buy. And that means you can outsell the other affiliates
simply by offering a bonus product to anyone who buys through your
affiliate link.
I’ve been teaching this concept since 2001 and, all things being
equal, those affiliates who put this into practice will outsell those
who don’t virtually 100% of the time.
It’s a very simple strategy.  Let’s break it down into three steps…
Step 1: CHOOSE Your Incentive
Your goal is to make your offer stand out from the crowd by offering
an incentive to buy from your link, thereby boosting your conversion
rate. And that means you need to offer a bonus that enhances or
otherwise complements the affiliate product.
Did you catch that?  Your bonus should “enhance” or “complement” the
product you are promoting as an affiliate.  That’s what makes for the
best incentive.
------------- Case Study -----------
Let me give you a “real” case study (not made up … actually done by
one of my customers).
A customer – who is also one of my affiliates – recently purchased
my Multiple Streams Theme wordpress blog theme.  He loaded it to his
site.  Then, he invested a little time writing a small report that
teaches how to customize and tweak the theme.  He offered this small
report, filled with insider shortcuts and tips for enhancing the
theme, as an incentive to anyone who ordered the Multiple Streams
Theme through his affiliate link.
I’m just guessing, but I bet the report didn’t take him half an
hour to write.  He just logged his own personal experiences.  And
yet it has high value to anyone who has plans to order the theme.

That’s how you outsell other affiliates.  You turn your AFFILIATE offer into a


------------- Case Study -----------
One way to do this is by reading the sales letter for the product
and choosing one particularly enticing bullet point.
Example #1: If the sales letter tells prospects they can learn how
to get traffic from social media sites, then you can create a report
called “27 Ways to Use Social Media to Drive Traffic to Any Website!”
Example #2: If the sales page for a diet book promises a month of low
calorie recipes to customers, you can create a supplementary low calorie
recipe book and give it away to those who buy from your link.
Example #3: If you’re promoting a dog training book and you see a bullet
point about eliminating bad behaviors such as jumping, incessant barking,
digging in the gardening, etc. You can create a report or even a video
called, “The Secrets of Training the Perfect Dog: How to Keep Your Dog’s
Paws Off Your Guests, Off Your Counters and Out of Your Garden!”
The point is, your freebie should be directly related to the affiliate
offer. You want your prospects to buy through your link just because
the incentive is so enticing.
What kind of incentive?  You can do videos, software, coaching,
advertising, installations, services, etc.
But, “pound for pound”, the best and easiest incentive to create is a
small report.
Step 2: CREATE Your Incentive
Once you decide on the topic, your next step is to create the bonus
product. If you’re creating a short report or video, you can probably
finish it in one day. Otherwise, you can hire a trusted freelancer to
do it, which frees your time to focus on marketing the offer!
Tip: You find ghostwriters on sites like,,
and You can also ask for recommendations from your
colleagues via your social networks or on business forums.
Step 3: CIRCULATE Your Incentive.
Finally, your last step is to promote your offer by letting prospects
know that anyone who buys the affiliate product using your link will
get the bonus product.
Let your list know.  Tell your blog readers.  Tweet about it.  Purchase
advertising.  Distribute free marketing materials such as ezine
articles.  Mention it in sig files at forums.  You know the drill.
Now, there are a few ways to deliver the product:
1.  On the download page. If you’ve developed a relationship with
the product vendor, he may agree to set up a special sales page that
promotes the bonus plus a special download page so that customers can
download it instantly after purchasing.
2.  Manually. You can have customers forward their receipts and then
you send them the link to the bonus.
3.  Automatically. You can also set up a special email address with
an autoresponder, so that anyone who sends you a receipt gets the
download link automatically. (Naturally, some people will try to
“cheat” this system.)
And there you have it – the simple three-step strategy you can use
to outsell your competitors and put more money in your pocket.
It’s so easy you could be making more money by tomorrow… if you get
started today!
Speaking of “making more money”.  If you have a blog, how would you
like to have ten “built-in” ways to increase your affiliate commissions
from your blog?  Visit to learn
more.  NOTE:  The offer mentioned at the website will no longer be
available after Friday, March 19, 2010 at 10PM.  Jimmy is “retiring”
it then and discontinuing all sales.

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