Please review the following products and select the ones that would benefit you. These are products that I have either personally developed on used in my marketing. Thanks for looking!

Multiple Streams Blog Theme

Here’s your budget friendly opportunity to grab a professionally done WordPress blog theme that features a whopping 10 built in ways to make money! Only $27. Click HERE for more information!


Yes, you CAN have your own monthly membership site WITHOUT pricey and complicated scripts, without high costs and without any experience!  All you need is ONE article to get started.  Learn how to have your membership site ready to take orders in less than 48 hours at by clicking HERE!

Birthday Magicology!

This is a twelve week course with weekly downloadable lessons in both pdf and audio format that will teach you how to become a professional magician. You will learn how to plan a show, get clients, and earn money starting out as a birthday party magician and progressing to large stage shows. To learn more, click HERE!

Restaurant Magicology!

If you are a performing magician who would like to begin entertaining in restaurants, then this is the course for you. This four week course features weekly downloadable lessons that will show you everything you need to know in order to begin working successfully performing your magic in restaurants. Find out more by clicking HERE.

Jim Stott’s Beginner’s Magic Set

Jim Stott’s Beginner’s Magic Set includes some of the most popular tricks for children to help them begin having fun with magic! With just a little practice, they will be able to entertain their friends and family members. And, this set provides the perfect opportunity for you, the gift giver, to work with your child or grandchild in a one on one bonding situation.  power of their mind, they will be able to control a ball sliding up and down on a string. These are just a few of the miracles your child or grandchild will be able to perform once they receive Jim Stott’s Beginner’s Magic Set!

Jim Stott’s Deluxe Magic Set

Start your young magician on a fascinating hobby by selecting Jim Stott’s Deluxe Magic Set. This set includes some of the most popular tricks for children that are easy to learn and perform. Magic teaches many important skills including reading and understanding directions, the importance of practice, and the confidence that comes from performing in front of others.

Jim Stott’s Deluxe Card Magic Set

Card magic is one of the oldest forms of entertainment known to man. The kit provides everything you need in order to start entertaining friends, family, business associates, and anyone else you want to amaze and impress. Included in this kit are three specialty decks of cards, a magic card case, and 5 booklets teaching you over 300 tricks.

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